Hills Laser and Beauty


Free Consultation, No Contracts, No Obligation

 These are some of the good reasons to choose Hills Laser Centre!

  • All treatments are guaranteed to be performed by a qualified government accredited   therapists.
  • Individually tailored treatments to suit your skin, needs and budget.
  • Board Members of the Australian Association for Laser Therapy.
  • You don’t have to be locked into a contract where you pre-pay for treatments.
  • We charge on a pay as you go basis. Also package deals are now available to suit individual needs.
  • Comfortable clinic environment, confidential service.

Prices are advised during your FREE Consultation, Test Patch and include (at no extra cost);

  • Unlimited Specialist pre and post care advice
  • Quality time with your therapist (no rushed service)
  • Premium state of the art technologies
  • Sterilised and hygienic treatment utensils
As Experts in the industry we guarantee honesty and will only treat areas where we believe treatment is suitable. We do not recommend treating areas that could potentially create a reverse effect.

We value every single client and hence we do not follow production line treatment procedures.
We charge per area and not per time so we take the time necessary to complete your treatment thoroughly and professionally.
We have a wide range of payment options available. We accept cash, cheque, debit cards, VISA and Mastercard.

Helpful tips when comparing clinics

  • Be cautious of false advertisements and heavily discounted marketing schemes.
  • For laser treatments ensure the clinic is certified. Look out for the Certified Candela Laser Practitioner label.
  • Check the legitimacy of the technologies being used – opt for medical graded over salon graded.
  •  Ensure you are advised of all pre and post care instructions to experience satisfying results.
  • Check the qualifications of your laser technician or beauty therapist.
  • Don’t get tricked by misleading advertising. Some clinics advertise that they are laser safety qualified or qualified therapists while in fact, the operators may not be laser therapists but beauty therapist who are machine trained and hence have little or no knowledge about laser science and laser-tissue interaction.

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