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Enzyme & Chemical Peels

Customised gentle yet powerful skin resurfacing systems to address your skin concerns.

Skin Peels regenerate & resurface the skin, hence removes the top layers of the skin and help induce collagen remodelling. It also helps reduce acne, pigmentation and signs of premature aging to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin.

Mango Enzyme Peel

Suitable for all skin types. Remove dead skin cells and promote new cell renewal. Immediately visible results. Tighter pores and smoother, clearer and more radiant skin.

Mango Enzyme peel is gentle, effective and hydrating. To fast track your skin transformation journey, combine with hydro-dermabrasion, IPL or epi-blading.


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Cabernet Enzyme Peel

Utilising the healing properties of red wine, this peel is amazing for dry, dehydrated, hyperpigmented, wrinkled and sun-damaged skins. Rich with antioxidants, free radical scavengers and anti-bacterial properties. An amazing choice for sensitive skin types. 


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Ultra-Bright Pro Power Peel

A super brightening peel from Dermalogica designed to smooth skin while brightening, and hydratingskin. A fabulous choice for ageing, hyperpigmented or uneven skin.


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Advanced Renewal Peel

A powerful peel from Dermalogica designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Brilliant for dull tired looking and ageing skin.


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Power Clear Peel

A clearing peel by Dermalogica designed to target blemishes, destroys acne bacteria reduces redness & post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Great for acne, blackheads and breakouts.


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Our peels are designed to work with the skin’s chemistry, not against it. It safely removes dull outer layers of skin and helps the skin underneath regenerate for a smooth, radiant complexion.
Clients typically notice dramatically improved skin quality, texture and tone within three treatments. Ideally, a series of 4-6 treatments are performed over a 6-12 week period or peels are combined with other modalities to achieve amazing results quicker.

You deserve beautiful skin.

Treat yourself to a customised facial to suit your unique skin needs.

We also include BT-micro technology to enhance results and infuse products into the deeper skin layers.

Express Facial - 30mins

Great skin booster for people on the go. Suitable for all skin types and conditions.


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Vitamin C Brightening, Anti-aging & Hydrating

Anti-aging, brightening and hydrating. Using high concentration of Ume plum extract and Vitamin C to stimulate collagen, plump the skin, reduce fine lines and inhibit tyrosine to reduce over excited melanocytes and reduce unwanted pigment formation.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps strengthen your skin. Great for all skin types. The products used will be specifically selected to best match your skin’s needs.


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Hydroderm Facial – 45 mins

Gently and effectively exfoliate your skin to reveal a vibrant, healthy, more youthful complexion. During the treatment a product will be infused into your skin to soothe the skin and increase cellular health, cell renewal and maximize hydration. The products used will be specifically selected to best match your skin’s needs.

Your skin deserves to be flawless.

Add on Hyaluronic Filler or Collagen Ampoule

Add to any facial a hyaluronic acid filler masque, Collagen or Vitamin Ampoule.

Hyaluronic Acid helps to increase hydration, plump fine lines & wrinkles.

Collagen Ampoules plump fine lines & wrinkles and help stimulate collagen production.

Multivitamin Ampoule help strengthen and heal the skin.


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Add on LED Facial

LED light therapy can be added on to any facial to maximise results. We use LED lights ranging from blue to green, yellow, red and near-infrared to treat your specific skin concerns. LED is used to manage acne, strengthen skin and reduce redness, helps with pigmentation and uneven tone, stimulates collages and elastin and reduces the signs of ageing.

For a clearer, brighter complexion.
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Add on Wet Microdermabrasion

Amazing for all skin types and great for blackheads and open pores. Using liquid cooled diamond peeling to hydrate, plump and treat the skin. Exfoliate dead, dull skin and vacuum away all impurities. Tailored treatment to address your skin concern. 

For a brighter more vibrant looking complexion.
Clearly visible results after 1st treatment.