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How well do you really know your skin? Take a closer look underneath the surface and view blemishes, fine lines, redness, dryness and uneven skin tone in depth. This will give us a better understanding on what is the best treatment plan to start your journey to flawless skin.

Observ Skin Analysis

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Do you look in the mirror and see the visible signs of ageing? 

Wrinkles and fine lines are caused by breakdown of the collagen fibres in the skin due to ageing caused by UV and free radical damage. Poor diet and stress can also contribute to skin ageing. 

Treatment Options

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Micro Needling Peels

Saggy Skin, Stretch Marks or Scarring

Does your skin need a lift? Do you want smooth skin with no scars? 

Saggy skin can be caused by the deterioration of collagen and elastin or loss of fat. Stretch marks are scars formed as a result of skin stretching. 

Treatment Options
Skin Resurfacing Skin Tightening Micro Needling

Acne Breakouts and Oily Skin

Do you suffer from those horrible pimples?

Acne forms due to excessive oil production combining with cells in the skin causing clogged pores. Bacteria grow in these pores and the body’s response causes inflammation or redness associated with acne.

Treatment Options
IPL Skin Rejuvenation Medilux LED Peels

Redness, Rosacea or Spider Veins

Do you have redness on your cheeks, nose and chin? How about spider veins?

If your face looks like you’re blushing and you get red bumps, you might have a skin condition called rosacea. While broken blood vessels on the face just underneath the surface of the skin resulting in red, web-shaped appearance are called spider veins.

Treatment Options
IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Dry, Dull Skin

Do you feel like your skin is looking dull and you lost that glow? 

As skin matures, its ability to renew surface cells slows down causing a buildup of dead cells on the surface resulting in dull complexion. Dryness, stress and environmental damage can cause your skin to appear dull.

Treatment Options

Hydrodermabrasion Peels

Freckles, Sun Spots, Sun Damaged Skin or Uneven Skin Tone

Does your skin look blotchy and uneven? 

The damaging UV rays from repeated sun exposure activates melanocytes to increase melanin production, which causes freckles to become darker and more visible  as well as forming flat brown spots called sun spots.

Treatment Options
IPL Skin Rejuvenation Peels China Doll Facial

Hormonal Pigmentation

Feeling annoyed by patches of pigmentation that won’t seem to disappear? 

Hormonal pigmentation generally begins due to hormonal changes and fluctuations. Treatments that break up the pigment below the skin surface to help fade it are highly recommended. Such treatments help to brighten and improve the overall skin tone and texture.

Treatment Options

Peels Micro Needling

Enlarged Pores

Do you want your visible pores to vanish?

Enlarged pores are caused by excessive sebum production in the skin. This is common with oily skin. Also as we age our skin loses elasticity causing the pores to appear bigger.

Treatment Options

IPL Skin Rejuvenation China Doll Facial