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Outgrown your Ink? 
Do you have a tattoo that you regret?
Effective Tattoo Removal – No More Covering Up!

You were young and excited when you got your tattoo but you’re now older and quite frankly, you’ve outgrown it. It’s time to get it off – permanently.

We can safely remove your unwanted tattoo with our LUX laser tattoo removal.





We use quality switched Laser, which allows very high-powered laser light to be delivered to the skin over a fraction of a second. The laser light gets absorbed by the tattoo ink and shatters the ink into tiny particles. These particles are cleared out gradually by the body’s natural filtration system.
It depends on the amount of ink used and how deep the ink was inserted. However, as a guide most professional tattoos will require at least six to twelve treatments. Follow up treatments are conducted at no less than 6 weeks intervals. Further fading can occur for several months after each treatment.
It is possible to remove or significantly lighten most tattoos. Black, blue and red tattoos tend to respond well. Aqua, green and yellow tattoos may be more resistant and only partially fade. White tattoos reflect laser light and therefore do not respond to laser treatment.
Treatment costs will vary depending on the size, colour and time required to treat the tattoo. This can be discussed during your initial consultation.
Time is required between each treatment to allow the body’s lymphatic (cleaning) system to remove the ink that has been treated by the laser. A minimum period of six (6) weeks between treatments is recommended.
Removal can commence as soon as the tattoo has completely healed. Although it may appear healed within a week or two the tattoo will still require further time to completely heal prior to removal commencing. A minimum period of six (6) weeks is advised. Your initial consultation can take place at any time during the six weeks.
Yes, the area can be re-tattooed following laser removal. Whether you have had complete removal, partial removal or just lightening of the area will be able to be re-tattooed. The wish to replace an existing tattoo is a common reason for having laser tattoo removal.
In many cases, there will be a 100% clearance of the tattoo. On average, 95% fading is considered a good result. The result depends upon the colour and type of ink used as well as the depth of penetration of the ink in the skin. We will discuss with you the likeliness of success during your initial consultation.